5 habits that will change if you travel light

If I was trying to live with less and interested in minimalism before I started traveling. The road made me definitely go further in that way.

Carrying your stuff makes you more aware of them. It makes you not really loving that much those “the best jeans ever” if you have not used them for months because it’s 35°C.

So here are some of the habits that traveling carry-on style added to my life…

Waiting for the train in India

1. Set up some Key Questions before buying something new

Do I really need it? How light is it? Can I use it for more than one occasion? Is it comfortable? Is it fresh? Does it get dry fast? And I could keep going.

It’s easy to “fall in love” with stuff on the way, but the truth is that if you don’t really need it or they don’t adapt to your everyday life, sooner or later, they will be a pain in the ass. So, don’t let your mind trick you, design the key questions that work for you and think not twice, but ten times before buying something new. By the way, the environment will thank you for that. And your back too!

2. Focus on what you love, not only what you need

Yes, you will need some stuff. But if you are going to carry them, you better love them, right? So, when you choose your clothes, don’t choose something that usually you wouldn’t choose in your “normal life”, take what you love and makes you feel good. Why? Because to travel light, you won´t have that many things. And if you don’t like them, you will end up feeling that you need to buy new things. So, don’t think about making it last, use that shirt that you love until it dies on the way. And then, in the best Marie Kondo style, thank her and say goodbye to finally buy that one that you saw on the market and you loved it.

3. Double function? Come here best friend!

My favorite thing in my backpack is my watermelon big shirt. Yes, the first on the smallest pile in the picture. Thanks, Vietnam, BTW!

That XXL, light, colorful and comfy buttoned shirt is a go to the beach dress, a lovely and fresh top with a knot in the waist, a short dress with a belt and my “I wanna be naked but there are people around” bathrobe. All in one and it gets dry faster than anything. The more adaptable it is whatever you have in the backpack to different situations and needs, the more valuable is going to be. So love them, and think about that every time you need to buy something new on the way.

On the left stay, on the right bye, bye!
The day I decided to go full on the minimalist traveling mode

4. Every day can be laundry day!

If you really go deep on the travel light your hole closet sometimes is not even going to be enough to get the washing machine full. And especially, there will be lots of “I don’t want to wait for that shirt until I have that full load” moments.

Yes, of course, you will do a “proper laundry” from time to time. But you will find that the strategy of washing one or two things by hand every day, will help you always have fresh panties and shirts instead of ending up wearing your bikini in the laundry place because. “What? I thought the beach was this way!

5. Go buddhist and practice deattachment

At first, is not going to be easy. But once you crack it, letting things go is going to feel soooo good! And this does not only apply to material stuff but let’s focus on that for now.

Even when you love something, if you been stitching it ten times but holes keep appearing, maybe it’s time to let it go. Or if that jacket that makes your backpack puffy and heavier is not going to be used because “Hello tropical weather”, maybe it’s the moment to say Goodbye. Give it to someone else, sell it or whatever is best to send it away from your backpack. Yes, you will feel bad at first, but it will pass as soon as you arrive at the airport and realize that the low-cost airline standards for carry-on are not actually a backpacker myth, but something you finally achieved (Heavenly sounds here)

Tell me, do you travel light or prefer to carry more? What are your best tips and worst struggles? Let me read you in the comments 🙂

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