Me and some zebras in Thailand

Who am I?

Even though that’s a question to which I try to find new answers everyday, I will tell you what I know for now.

I was born in Uruguay and always enjoyed travelling. My life has been a rollercoaster of emotions, the good ones and the bad ones. After struggling with depression for many years, I started my own video marketing company. I enjoyed writing so many scripts and working in production, but after some time, I realized I was not as happy as I expected finally having a career and being “succesful”.

After deciding to let my half of the company to my partner I decided to sell all of my stuff to start a trip with no return ticket. I expected to be on the road for at least one year, learn about different ways of life and see if that helped me to decide what I wanted.

It’s been almost two years. I still did not decide to stop anywhere and I have no intentions yet to abandone this nomad life that makes me feel alive every day, even the bad ones.

I been in Perú, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, India and now Sri Lanka.

Who knows where I am going to be next month.

Now, read me!

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