How many countries? The most difficult question ever?

I hate numbers. I am bad with numbers. I never liked numbers. They were never my friend, especially at school. And maybe that’s the reason why I never know the answer to this question when I hear it.

Even now, I have to stop typing and use my fingers to count while I go back in time. I would actually love to have fewer stamps in the passport now because I am getting short on space 😀

How old are you? How many followers do you have? How much can you buy? How much do you weight? How many days of vacation? How long until Friday? Which day of the month is it? When are you coming back? We use numbers for everything. They decide if we are successful people or not. Intelligent. Rich. Happy.

But I feel that I been slowly forgetting how to count. Those struggles with the Maths in High School years are gone and numbers are not my prison anymore. I live in the present and the Future comes in only short visits. And sometimes I wonder if it’s just a bubble that is going to explode soon. Or if it’s a real feeling.

I feel that I have all the time in the world. But at the same time, I don’t care if it ends tomorrow. After many years of struggling and fighting with the past and the future, I am here and now. I don’t regret anything and I don’t care what is coming. I know everything is going to be fine and I don’t need any number to tell me that I am happy (I am talking to you, Bank Account)

So do not ask me to count countries. Or days. Or years. I am a millionaire in stories, in feelings, in laughs and tears, in love, in things learned in the good and the bad way. But I can’t count them.

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