Is it being a nomad the way to happiness?

Being a nomad seems to be the new "perfect life". Seeing all those travel bloggers showing us how successful and happy they are, had made us apparently forget about the "Car, house, marriage, kids" traditional life goals. More and more people's new dream is now to live on the move, travel around the world while working online from a tropical beach, drinking a coconut and making money while living the dream. It definitely sounds like the perfect life. But is it?

The thing is, there is no such thing as a perfect life. And living on the move is not the exception. It's easy to think that once your "holidays become your everyday life" (this is not what nomad life is, BTW), nothing can be wrong and all it's going to be sunshine, birds and the best pictures for Instagram.

Well, sorry for crashing your dream, but the perfect life does not exist.

I have been traveling and being a nomad for almost 2 years now and one of the most challenging things I dealt with, it's accepting and managing the bad moments. Because I am living the dream, how can I have a bad day?! How can I be so ungrateful?!

The truth is that nomad life is like any other life. It has good and bad moments. Some days are going to be great, others not that much. You will deal with stress, money problems, doubts, fears, and many emotions. And all of that without having a fixed place, or friends nearby to hug, or most times, not even that comfort food that makes everything better.

Because being a nomad and traveling around the world is not a magic recipe for happiness. It is not going to solve all your problems. It is not going to make your bad emotions disappear. Even more. If you are not in a good place I don't even recommend you to start a nomad life!

As there are many recipes for happiness as people on the planet, living on the move is just another way of living. One that is great if it is what you want for you, of course. But will never be perfect as much as our Instagram travelers will try to show you.

It will be as mixed as any other life you can choose and it will give the greatest and worst moments. Even on the same day, as I learned on the road while being at Kuching. But that's for another post.

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