Montevideo: my first traveler love

Street art hunting like a pro: one of the thing to do in Montevideo that you will find in the article

I was born in Montevideo, a city watching the river that looks like a sea. The widest in the world actually. We walked together for a long time, grew and learned together to rebel against the grey and fill with colors.

Living in a place for most of your life doesn’t mean that you can not be a traveler there. After many years taking my city for granted I learned to fall in love with it. I tried different paths to get to the same place, stop to look at a beautiful door, go once and again to see the best sunsets ever (yes, even after many countries, I still think the same) or just bike around to see if it was new street art popping out in the neighborhood.

That’s why when Travelista asked me to write a guide about somewhere I went with my first destiny, my first love. I compiled tips about places to visit, some off the beaten track ideas and bits of advice on how to move around the city so when you travel there you can also taste that mix of local and tourist feeling that makes Montevideo one of the most beautiful capitals in South America.

Check the article before visiting the city and send me an e-mail to ask me more about places to eat and other recommendations on things to do in Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay.

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