Travel cheap: Let a cat choose your next destination

Miu Miu: our first pet sitting host in Malaysia

Some people still believe that the only way of traveling often or for a long time is being a millionaire. Although it is true that you will need at least a little bit of money, the most important thing to travel is making time for it. Once you are there, there will be several tools that will help you with your low-cost travel.

The one I love the most is pet sitting. Or house sitting. It’s basically being hosted by a dog. Or having a new boss who happens to be a cat. Well, you could also see it as taking care of pets and houses of people who are traveling, but let’s face it: this is all about cuddling with pets. And you get free housing too!

The best reasons for pet sitting

We are talking about not spending money on accommodation and having unlimited purring. Do you really need more reasons? Ok, here are some…

“Home sweet home” feeling

Long traveling can be exhausting so from time to time is nice to have a break and feel at home. For me, that’s having my own kitchen and some animals around. Preparing the food I miss, playing with a dog and have the purring of a cat while I sleep, is great to recharge batteries before taking the road again. Depending on your need of rest you could choose a listing for just a few days, weeks or months.

The luxury life of the low budget traveler

Pet sitting in Koh Samui, a good tip for cheap travel
Bella thinking to jump on the pool with me on this luxury pet sitting gig inThailand

Are you in the need of some luxury on the cheap? Try pet sitting! If you travel with a tight budget you probably had the chance to sleep at really bad places. House sitting will not only give you a break from noisy hostels and small rooms with no ventilation. You will also stay in places you could never afford.

Being a minimalist traveling in Asia an oven it’s luxury enough for me (Believe me, they are not that common). But sometimes you get more than you asked and during my sitter experience, I stayed in houses with a pool and sea view and apartments with gym access. I had gardeners and cleaners coming to help during my stay. Even now, I am writing this in Sri Lanka from my house by the beach!

Enjoy like a local, stay longer at one place

When you stay longer at the same place there are more chances to connect with it in a more local way. Buy a coffee or iced tea every day to the same lady in the street. And let her teach you how to ask for them in the local language. Check the best places to eat around and taste all the dishes on the menu. Or go to the park and enjoy a common day with local people. Pet sitting might be one of the best options for saving money and it’s a great excuse for traveling slow.

How to find a pet sitting gig?

My first house sitting was found in Workaway where I spent 2 months and a half with Miu Miu and Dio. I still miss them. But after that, I knew I needed more cats in my travel life. That’s why after some research, I decided to try a pet sitting app: TrustedHousesitters.

Pet sitting app
Choosing my next destination with TrustedHouseSitters: a pet sitting app with a well organized search engine

Why do I use a pet sitting website

I can see the reviews of the listing I am applying to and I have support in case of any problem. Also, they give me 24/7 vet assistance. But the best of all: I can search for sittings all around the world in the same place, move in the map near me and organize my search depending on the type of animal or landscape that I want at the moment.

Even if there are way more options to pet sit in Europe, the USA, and Australia, with the help of the searching tools and checking the app regularly, I managed to book a total of 5 months of free accommodation around Asia in the last year.

There are several pet sitting websites but I have chosen TrustedHousesitters because of the good reviews and many listings posted. The annual membership costs USD 120 but with the 25% off that you can get clicking here is actually a good deal. You will get your investment back with what you will save on your first sit.

If you don’t want to pay a membership for any platform you can start by checking Facebook Groups on the topic. They are usually organized by countries so you will have to request access to several groups for better chances. We used this option in Japan and ended up taking care of a 350 years old traditional house and a 20 years old cat for a few days. A memorable experience for sure.

Pet sitting job in Malaysia, the answer on how to travel cheap around the world
Some reading with Dio, one of our pet sitting hosts in Borneo, Malaysia

How to find more gigs

You are totally in! You are going for it, you paid for the house sitting platform and you are ready to become a sitter. Now check these tips to be selected for many pet sitting jobs.

Create a good profile

Be sure of writing all about your previous experience with pets and other animals. Let them know your skills and be sure to include external references from people you usually helped with their pets, volunteer work or whatever you think is useful to show you are the right pick.

Choose sittings according to your skills

If you don’t like dogs but are great with cats, don’t apply for a sit with a dog only because the dates suit you. It’s important that you feel comfortable and you are sure you will do good at the job. The closer to your personality and skills is the sit, the best are the chances to get chosen and have a good review at the end.

Be flexible

Being flexible about places and travel dates will allow you to apply to more and better offers. The more freedom you have about dates and places, the better chances you have to apply to more listings.

Send personalized messages

Yes, it will take you longer, but if you invest some time on writing better messages, there are more chances that the owner will connect with you. Be sure to read every detail in the sitting and then explain to them why you are the best for the gig. Including the name of the pets, it’s always a plus 🙂

Be memorable and earn your good reviews

how to travel cheap around the world with a petsitting app
Nana, giving us a 5 stars review with Iggy on the back. Some of our Sri Lankan hosts

Be a good sitter. A really good one. Doing your best will rank you better on the platform. But also will make owners remember you, which gives you a better chance of getting a direct invitation in the future. They could even recommend you to friends outside the platform as happened to us with a proposal to go to New York with our host family.

With all this, you are ready to start pet-sitting like a pro and travel longer with less. If you want a 25% off in your TrustedHousesitters membership, put RAF155949 at checkout or just click here I hope you can make a lot of furry friends 🙂

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